New Hostelive Site

Hello and welcome to the first post on the new hostlelive website now hosted by our friends at wordpress.  The old hostelive web service provider ceases to operate in June and after testing two other services we have decided to proceed with as our new hosts. The new site allows for a quicker access to the site for posting from anywhere – and means that parents will able to be kept more up-to-date more readily and by more staff and students. The end of the old hostel live site also means we have been able to disestablish our emergency message board as the new hostelive site will handle these functions on the main news page in the event of an emergency. As with the old service the new site is hosted for free.

Another key change is the move to a subscription system to receive notifications of postings to the site.  This means that you can choose the method you wish to use to be notified of updates to the hostelive site.  These include notifications by email, twitter and facebook.  If you change you contact details, preferred method of contact or no longer need to receive updates you can easily manage your subscription from the website itself.

As with the previous website posts to the news service have a comments facility.  This is to make it easy for parents to comment publicly and discuss items posted on the website.  This feature is not currently widely used – but it would be a great way for parents to have their voice heard and to encourage thought/discussion on items of interest.

As always we welcome any feedback from parents on ways to improve this service.  You could even try using the comment feature if you like.



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