Interim Reports

As you will all be aware interim reports have been sent out and teacher interviews are taking place this week. Following the receipt of the reports and discussion of them with hostel students in the last couple of weeks, I will be contacting some parents to discuss concerns. I will be making contact by phone or email after parent teacher interviews so that parents will have had the chance to speak directly with teachers first.

It is one of my goals, and one which I am actively encouraging students to share, that every hostel student should receive a certificate of merit at the prizegiving at the end of the year. This is because certificates of merit relate to a student’s attitude and approach to learning, rather than relative ability. I expect that all students at the hostel should use their learning focus time (prep.) every day to help them ensure they are meeting the diligence requirements in each of their subjects. Students whose teachers have indicated they are not on track to receive diligence have some explaining to do, and may require some additional re-focussing of their priorities in the coming months.

Please do not hesitate to phone me, or make and appointment to call and see me, or just drop in to discuss any concerns you have regarding your son or daughters progress. I am very pleased to add that many of our students have received outstanding reports of which they can be duly proud.



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