Happy Holidays and ANZAC Day Info

As the school holidays approach I would like to take the opportunity to wish students and parents an enjoyable time together – especially as our weather forecast looks like more of the fine settled stuff we have been getting.

A reminder that all students will need to leave their rooms empty, clean and tidy for our Netball Development Camp visitors during the holidays.  Some material can be left in the Prep room over the holidays – but five day students should ensure all clothing and linen is returned home for some TLC.

A few parents have asked me about ANZAC day.  This is a public holiday and so the hostel is closed from Tuesday night till Thursday morning.  (See Important Dates for 2012) For some seven day students this may prove difficult to manage.  Could I encourage parents and students alike to seek alternative accommodation during this time if at all possible.  If any seven day parents are truely stuck – please e-mail me and we will arrange something from our end if needed.  I would like to thank the many five day parents who already welcome some of our seven day students into their homes during holidays and away weekends. I would encourage any parents who have not thought of inviting friends of their sons or daughter who live along way from the hostel into their home, to consider if such an opportunity exists over ANZAC day.  It is another healthy and rewarding aspect of hostel life.



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