Local Meetings Reminder

Hi All,

Hopefully a safe start for all on a rather slippery morning.  Remember, any snow closures (or emergency messages) will be published on this site and via our twitter feed as we get them to hand so log into hostelive or follow us (@dunstanhostel) on Twitter for up to date status and emergency information.



Tomorrow Night 7pm (Note earlier time than previously advertised due to icy road conditions).

Home of Sue and Roger Lane, 338 Blackstone Hills Rd, Becks.Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you need directions or further information.  All current and prospective parents welcomed.


Next Tuesday (26 June) 7pm Millers Flat School.  Again all current and prospective parents welcome.

Please do not think these meetings are for first time parents only.  If you have a current student, and especially if you are enrolling a sibling, these meetings are an important opportunity for hostel and school to visit you on your turf.






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