Enrollment Reminder

A warm welcome back to all hostel students and parents for a busy academic term.  It is so nice to see the return of the sun here in Alex along with all of our young people.

Just a quick reminder to all parents who are intending to enroll younger siblings at the hostel for next year.  Applications close for our first round of offers on the 30 July.  If you haven’t contacted Sally at the school office or returned a set of enrolemnt forms already it would be advisable to get onto this as soon as possible.

It is also the time of year where we ask parents to advise us if they are considering not sending students back to the hostel next year.  This does not bind you to that decision but allows us to assign a probability score for return so that we know how many places we have to offer new students. Under the current Standard Terms and Conditions of enrollment a firm decision on returning to the hostel is needed by the end of Term 3.

A full newsletter will be posted next week to update you on recent hostel happenings and upcoming events.

Kind regards,




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