EXERCISE SHAKEOUT – Hostel Update and End of Exercise


Hostel Response Update 1

For Event: Exercise ShakeOut 26 September 2012

Issued at: 12:40pm

Next Update Due 9:00pm

By: Mark Templeton

Situation: Following today’s earthquake the situation for hostel students is as follows:

All hostel students have been accounted for and are safe and well. However, there has been significant disruption to effective school and hostel operations. This situation is widespread around the region affecting transportation networks, power and telecommunications, water and sanitation.

Hostel students are currently using the senior block for shelter and as a base. This building appears to have suffered very little damage. Bev is overseeing the welfare response for all hostel students, who although shocked are in good spirits and have suffered only bumps and bruises.

Flooding is widespread in downtown Alexandra, although there is no anticipate threat to the immediate hostel area we are closely following Civil Defence bulletins regarding any future evacuation zones.

There is currently no power or fresh water supplies to the hostel or the school, and we are utilising emergency storage water at this time. Phone lines are dead although we are currently able to utilise available cellphone towers to make these posts to our internet site. We may also be able to send and receive txts. This capability is expected to reduce as cellphone tower back up battery power fades.

Our concrete block buildings appear to have suffered minor damage to masonry, windows and fittings – however we will not be occupying any of these until we are able to establish their structural safety.

We are establishing a makeshift catering facility outside the senior block using the school tent and our lpg barbecue. We have established and emergency supply line for meals and drinking water for the next 48 hours. Emergency toilets are being constructed outside.

Actions of Management: Management are preparing a plan to provide emergency accommodation and welfare for hostel students and other students from school who are unable to be collected at this time for the next 48 hour period. The situation will be continuously reassessed and a full update issued at 10am tomorrow.

Action Required of Parents: Parents are advised to listen to the radio for advice from local Civil Defense on travel movements into and out of their local area. Parents will naturally be anxious about the welfare of students and may wish to collect students from the hostel. Currently we believe all routes by road into Alexandra are closed due to rockfalls and flooding.

At this stage we ask parents to do the following:

1. Ensure the safety of themselves and those around them, students in our care are safe and well.

2. Monitor this website, email, cellphone txt messages for updates. It may be necessary to turn off devices to conserve battery life. This facility may be lost for a period of time in the near future.

To contact the hostel: The Duty Parent Liaison Officer will be monitoring the following:

comments on www.hostelive.net.nz
027 494 7449
021 574441
03 4487506

(Note: If and when these services are available.)

3. Plan for the retrieval of your son or daughter only once authorities indicate it is safe to do so. This may not be for 48 hours or more.

4. If you do travel to the hostel, you must sign in with our Duty Parent Liaison. They will be located at the main hostel gates during daylight hours and in the senior common room during nighttime. Do not enter any other hostel buildings. Do not make private arrangements directly with your son/daughter. All arrangements must be made through the duty parent liaison.

5. IMPORTANT: You will only be able to sign out your own son or daughter unless 1. You have a written letter giving you authority to uplift other students and signed by a parent or caregiver. or 2. We have and existing authority for you to collect that student in an emergency on our files.

6. Please take a careful approach to any information you text too your son/daughter. It is important for the wellbeing of students that unnecessary distress does not impact on our ability to keep students safe and well. We may need to remove all student phones to prevent this.

Next Update due (if available): 9pm 26/9/12

*****Update Ends******

This update ends our desk exercise for today’s EXERCISE SHAKEOUT.

Hopefully there is some food for thought for all. Please find attached the Parent Information from our Emergency Plan attached for your reference. You may like to print a copy and place it in you own survival kit as the information it contains may be all you have to go in a major emergency.

Regards and thanks for your participation,

Mark Templeton
Boarding Manager

E: hostel
W: www.dunstan.school.nz

Tel. 03 4487506
Mob. 021 574441

Dunstan High School
99 Russell St, Alexandra, 9320.
New Zealand.




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