Queen’s Birthday Reminder

Dear Parents,

I am working on a newsletter following the formal.  Just waiting for some photos of all our spectacular senior students looking their best!

In the meantime just a couple of quick reminders relating to the Queens Birthday Holiday this week.

Hostel Closes THURSDAY 30 May at 5pm (to allow for Teacher Only Day Friday) and opens on TUESDAY 4 June at 8am.

Seven Day students may return to the hostel after 5pm on Monday 3 June, however, hostel kitchen will not be open that day.

(As normal, please contact hostel staff if you intend to take up the option of returning on Monday night.)

Casual Boarding/Weekend Leave

Just a reminder as we enter the busy winter sports season. Applications for weekend leave for seven-day students and requests for casual boarding for 5 day students must be received by lunchtime on Thursday for us to process them.  We are unable to process leave or casual boarding after Thursday afternoon.  Thanks for your co-operation.

Kind regards – hope you are all keeping warm,

Mark Templeton

Boarding Manager



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