Link To DHS Hostel Emergency Info

Dear Parents,

I hope all of you are keeping warm, and those of you affected by flooding earlier in the week are drying out.

With the forecast the way it is we are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst here at the hostel.  If as the forecasts and warnings suggest could happen, there is widespread disruption to electricity, communication and transportation in the region over the next few days the hostel will implement its emergency plan.

All students who are at the hostel, will be cared for as long as the emergency continues, and parents should be aware we are actively planning for this contingency.  However, it is also timely to point out that in the event of the sort of conditions described above comfort levels at the hostel would be impacted significantly.  Heating, cooking and supply chain will be on an emergency footing.  If such widespread disruption does occur, roading and communication networks will be affected and it may be difficult to collect or contact students.

For this reason we are posting a link to our  >>> emergency management information as a reminder to parents of what they can expect from us – and what we will expect from them.  Especially a reminder to monitor mobile phone and Hostelive website for information if communications are stretched.

Any 5 day parents who wish to collect students from the hostel prior to the end of the week due to weather should follow normal leave/absence procedures.

Hopefully, the worst case scenario scoots around us and we can continue with business as usual with a lot of saussies and baked beans left in the pantry!

Mark Templeton



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