Introducing Boardingware

UPDATED:  New Boarding Management Software for 2015 

All parents should have received their invitation email to set up a Boardingware Account.  Once the account is set up you can start using Boardingware to apply for leave.  The email contains instructions for how to download the User Guide and how to contact Boardingware Helpdesk for support.  If you haven’t received your boardingware invitation by email please contact the hostel to update your email address.

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Boardingware Software

DHS Hostel is always seeking to ensure we provide the highest level of care and supervision for students in our care. A big part of this process for us is managing and communicating student whereabouts effectively and efficiently through our leave system.

We have been managing student leave online for the past 18 months and at the end of last year staff trialled a new boarding management software service provided by Boardingware. As a result of the trial we will be implementing the Boardingware software to manage student leave and other important pastoral care and administrative functions within the hostel.

Smartphone using boardingware app
Boarding ware can be used from any internet enabled device such as computers, iPads and smartphones

During Term One this year we will be making the transition from our older electronic form based system to the Boardingware system. Rest assured the system is very simple to use, and we will work closely with Boardingware to ensure all parents are able to make the transition to using the Boardingware system. Most parents using our existing electronic form system will notice very little difference.  We are confident that once the transition has been made parents will find the system both more efficient and effective at communicating student leave arrangements.

The Boardingware system is already used by a number of boarding schools around Otago, New Zealand and the world. Thank you in advance for your support in providing the best care we can for your children, and as always if you have any concerns or queries – do not hesitate to contact me to discuss them.

Look out for an email inviting you to create a Boardingware account in the next few days.  Follow the simple instructions, create your account and you will be able to start using Boardingware to apply for leave for your child.  You will be able to use Boardingware from any internet capable device such as computers, tablets and smartphones.



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