DHS Hostel Internet Outage

Internet Image.png

This post is to provide an information update for parents on the hostel internet outage that you may have heard about from your sons and daughters.

Link Failure

The hostel is connected to to the school network via a wireless bridge. This vital link between the school and hostel provides internet services to hostel students and staff, as well as direct access to student work on their school accounts. This morning technicians confirmed that this hardware has failed and needs to be replaced.  We are now working to select and install appropriate replacement hardware as quickly as possible.

Contingency Plan

As a result of this outage students have been able to use a room at school and the school computers to complete homework during evening prep.  One supervisor takes students who need internet to school and the other supervisor remains at the hostel to supervise those staying behind.  This practice will continue until the link is restored.  If students require additional internet access to complete all homework – I have been signing them out after school to go to the school library where they are able to access the internet.

Expected Resolution

Once restored we expect that the improved technology will allow even better link capacity, allowing hostel students improved access to the school network and its high speed internet connection.  As yet I do not have a timeframe for the completion of this work- however it is likely to extend until at least the end of this week.  In the meantime  I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this outage and assure you our ICT team are working hard to resolve this issue.    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss this matter further.
Mark Templeton

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