Hostel Update Feb 2017

Hostel Welcomes New Students and Parents

New Yr 9 Students ready for first day of school.

The year has begun well for the new students at Dunstan High School Hostel with 10 new students and 7 new families to date. We enjoyed a Barbecue tea to welcome new families on Monday night, and students have completed an exciting first few days of school. Over the next few weeks athletics and swimming sports days are an opportunity for parents to come and share in a little of high school life. Check our upcoming events list or the term planner for details of these events.

Hostel Students with Supervisor Craig Andrews

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 5.30.22 PM   Long Weekend and Workday

The hostel will close as normal for 5 day students at 5pm today. It re-opens at 8am on Tuesday morning following Waitangi Day. DHS workday is coming up on 17 February. Many students will choose to make a longer weekend at home of this day – but the hostel remains open so please get your exit leave in if you plan to have students home for that day.

 Exit Leave, Permisssions, Casual Boarding All Go – Online Only.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.47.54 PM   HOStelLive

Dunstan High Hostel will only be accepting applications for Student Leave, Permissions and Casual Boarding via the online tools page of this website.  All exit leave must come through the Boardingware app. If you are having any difficulty at all setting up or using your boardingware account please contact me as soon as possible. Using the Boardingware App is now the only safe and effective way of ensuring student leave is processed in a timely fashion to ensure the wellbeing of students. Telephone, text or email should no longer be used for leave arrangements.  Of course, in an urgent or emergency situation you can still contact the hostel by telephone to make the necessary arrangements.  Student activity permisssions, addresses of friends and relatives that may be visited, or special pick-up/drop off arrangements can all be made via our student permissions online form. Thanks again in advance for your co-operation.

 images-6Parent visits to the Hostel.

Parents are always welcome at the hostel, and we really encourage parents active participation in their students life at boarding school, wherever possible. However, in the interests of the safety and security of all students, it is important any parents visiting students on-site to sign-in with the staff member on duty. Thank you for your co-operation with this security arrangement designed to help keep your children safe.



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