Term 2 Update

1456092_10152076058263839_880476063_n1Winter Illness

With the arrival of the colder weather we have seen a big increase in the number of students with winter illness symptoms. To complicate matters, there has also been a case of whooping cough, with others reported in the district. The two illnesses begin with very similar symptoms, but whooping cough is a bacterial illness that progresses further, and lasts a longer time. It is diagnosed and treated by a doctor with anti-biotics. In both cases it is essential that students with coughs are recovering at home. This is best for their wellbeing and helps to prevent the further spread of illness. To help protect from potential infection from whooping cough ensure your son or daughters vaccinations are up-to-date. More information on Whooping Cough from the Ministry of Health can be found >>here.

Naturally, many students and parents are concerned about students missing school time when they are sick. If your child does need to be away from school more than a day or two due to illness, it is recommended you contact the student’s Dean to arrange for work that can be completed at home. It is important to note that our experience is that students who return to school before they are completely well, often end up spending a longer time away from school in the end.

Please continue to assist us by making timely arrangements to collect your child if you are asked to by the hostel, and keep them at home until they are fully recovered and ready to return to school.

Time to Enrol Siblings

formsIt is that time of year again when we start to interview prospective new students for the hostel.  If you have siblings that you would like considered for the first round of offers for 2018, then please contact Sally in the >>School Office for an application pack and get it completed and back to us by the 30th of July at the latest.  Alternatively you can download the application forms from the hostelive site.


It was great to see our senior students (and some ex-students as partners) enjoying an annual highlight of the school year; the Formal.  This event was held last Saturday night and students enjoyed an evening of music and socializing in their formal attire.

Hostel Formal 2017

Now onto the serious stuff…

Academic Focus

Term 2 sees a real academic focus at school and at the hostel.  Winter sport provides a welcome break for many students but a real focus for the hostel this year is ensuring that students maintain a balanced workload through out the year.  We monitor Prep time, fortnightly reports and academic reports.  However, any parents with any concerns about homework completion or schoolwork/life balance should not hesitate to contact me to discuss success strategies for their son or daughter.

Some reminders:

  • Queen’s Birthday Hostel Closure begins 5pm on Friday 2 June.
  • Parents are always very welcome to visit students onsite, but should not enter hostel buildings without signing-in first.  This is for the safety and security of students onsite.
  • Please make sure your contact details (especially cellphone numbers) are kept up-to-date in case of emergency.


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