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Here you will find the latest news and live updates from the Dunstan High School Hostel in Alexandra.  This website is designed as a portal for parents and students to keep up-to-date with hostel news and information.  It can also be used to perform common tasks such as processing hostel leave, updating permissions or requesting casual boarding.

Visit our news page regularly for the latest news and updates from hostel staff and students. From the news page you can also follow us on Facebook, twitter and by email.  Visit our important information pages for detailed information for hostel students and parents including important dates, contact details, and other information.  You can complete common tasks using our online tools page to enter data into the hostel boarding management system.  Paper forms, Information and other downloads are available from our download page.

You can sign up to receive email or twitter notifications of new postings or visit regularly to check for the latest updates.

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